Monday, March 24, 2014

Nikon D3100 VS Canon T2I? Which Is The Winner?

Are you looking for new camera? There are many brands of camera available in the market lately. However, some popular brands which are commonly recommended by other camera users are Nikon and Canon. Both brands have been presence in the photography world since years ago. They are known for providing reliable and high quality camera for the customers. If you are looking for new camera, you might be interested in getting one of these brands. Some models which become hot debate among camera enthusiasts are including Nikon D3100 VS Canon T2I.

This article offers information on Nikon D3100 VS Canon T2I. Before comparing both models, it is necessary for you to know first on the advantages of each model. You should know the reasons why you should buy Nikon D3100 or Canon T2I. Nikon D3100 is highly loved by many camera enthusiasts because of some reasons. The camera has the ability to record full HD 1080p @24 fps. D3100 features movie continuous focus which makes it easy to get in-focus movies. It is available with large sensor. It is APS-C 23.1x15.4 mm. You also enjoy autofocuses shooting videowith contrast detection. After learning the reasons on purchasing Nikon D3100, you should move to learn the reasons why people buy Canon Rebel T2I.

It is similar to Nikon D3100 since T2I also offers the ability to record full HD 1080p @30 fps. The camera is available with external mic jack allowing users to record higher quality audio by using microphone. The camera offers high resolution screen of 1,040 dots. It is even better since the camera is packed in really small size. The prosumer size is 129x98x62 mm. Nikon D3100 VS Canon T2I? Each camera comes with each advantages and disadvantages. You should check these to find out whether the camera is suitable with your need or not.

If you are asking the advantage of Canon T2I, the camera is designed with much higher resolution screen. It is more than 4.5x higher resolution screen. When you are purchasing the camera, you also get external mic jack. This microphone allows users to record high quality audio. You also get higher true resolution. The camera offers the ability to capture around 30% more detail in your photos. T2I comes with more dynamic range. Recording the video with T2I allows you to get higher frame rate movies. Both T2I and D3100 feature the ability to record full HD 1080p but T2I records it at a higher frame rate. The company has included built-in focus motor. T2I is smaller and thinner but comes with larger viewfinder, better maximum light sensitivity, and faster shooting. Take those advantages into your consideration when you are comparing Nikon D3100 VS Canon T2I

It is also necessary for you to learn the advantages of Nikon D3100. The camera is available with lower noise at high ISO. It also comes with significant larger sensor. Nikon D3100 features better color depth since it is able to distinguish 0.4 more bits of color. Nikon has designed the camera with longer battery life. You can use the camera to capture 550 shots in a single charge. It is approximately 30% more shots per battery. Capturing the image with Nikon D3100 also allows you to get better image quality. All those features are offered in much cheaper price. Nikon D3100 VS Canon T2I? The answer depends on what you want from your digital camera.
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