Monday, March 24, 2014

Nikon D3100 Specs: What You Should Know From This Entry Level Camera

Nikon D3100 might be mentioned a lot when you are looking for the best entry level cameras. There are mixed responses on this camera. Many users are wondering why the price of the camera is similar to D5000 which is considered as better camera. However, the quality is very similar to D3000 with much cheaper price with the exception D3100 is able to record video. According to many users, D3100 is not a bad camera. It is still able to win the competitor of the same level. If you are interested in Nikon D3100, you might want to read this article to get more information on Nikon D3100 specs.

By knowing Nikon D3100 specs, you will be able to know whether this camera is suitable for you or not. D3100 has a very good noise profile. It is listed as the current leader of budget DSLR category. The camera offers the ability to produce clean and amazing JPEGs by using ISO 800 and very usable ones through ISO3200. Nikon D3100 provides outstanding color reproduction in its default SD mode. You can also enjoy a nice change from some overly saturation. Another aspect of Nikon D3100 specs which is highly praised is reliable metering and exposure system. The metering and exposure system work reliably and well.
If you are thinking on the sharpness, it depends on the lens. The images produced are sharp but not over sharped. The lens which is included to Nikon D3100 specs is 18-55 mm VR kit lens. It is suitable for basic shot. However, you can also use other lens attachments to capture the pictures you want. The video quality is typical for its class. According to many users, the audio is not bad but the full time AF is not only loud but quite bad at locking on the appropriate subject. D3100 comes with full manual exposure controls during movie capture. You can also enjoy 30- second countdown to shutoff timer appears in the upper left side of the display while the camera is idle in Live View or movie mode. It is very interes ting touch.

When you are reading information on Nikon D3100 specs, you might see the camera is praised for its lightweight body. The body of Nikon D3100 is a little smaller and lighter than D3000. Nikon has designed the camera with lighter body but still manages to add more direct-access controls onto it. Many users stated that Nikon D3100 is quite comfortable to shoot with although it is still dominated with plastic feeling. The company has manufactured the camera with plastic material. You might find that the location of some controls has changed. However, it still has the same overall operation.

You should know the good and the bad part of the camera. There are some good points of Nikon D3100. These are including outstanding photo quality, user-friendly design, Guide mode for beginner, full manual controls in video capture, and well-laid out controls of the camera function. Even though the camera has many good points, it still has some bad points. There are some users who complain for its small viewfinder, slower operation compared to its competition, and no bracketing. When you are reading on Nikon D3100 specs review, you might see the camera is praised by many users. It is a very good entry-level DSLR with the ability to produce outstanding photo quality. It is suitable for experienced photographers but less complicated for the less advanced users.
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