Monday, March 24, 2014

Nikon D3100 Review: Things You Should Know About D3100

Nikon D3100 can be good option if you are looking for easy to use camera which provides high quality pictures. This camera is the product from Nikon. This is a company which has been popular for manufacturing high quality camera. If you are interested in this camera, this Nikon D3100 review might useful for you.

According to many experts, Nikon has certain habit in manufacturing very attractive entry-level DSLRs which are rarely the best specified. However, those are designed in easy and enjoyable to shoot with. Nikon D3100 is one of the examples. The camera is a gentle upgrade of the D60. Nikon has added ease to use features making it pleasant little camera to use. D3100 is quite popular and sold well among customers. The popularity is high considering it only has 10 megapixel sensor and lacks of live view and video. However, it is designed with smart design and feature integration which make up the specification. This model is well accepted by low-end market. Despite of some weaknesses, you might see many good responds in Nikon D3100 review.

A feature which is highly praised in Nikon D3100 review is built-in 14.2 megapixel CMOS sensor. The main function of the sensor is bringing live view and full HD video capture to Nikon’s entry level model for the first time. This feature made Nikon D3100 becoming the first Nikon DSLR to provide 1920x1080 movie recording. By using the camera, you are able to record clips up to ten minutes long. This ability is also supported by 4 GB maximum file size limitation shared by all DSLRs. However, Nikon D3100 review still considers it impressive feature addition in this level.

It can be seen that Nikon has upgraded the body with a slight refresh from basic design. This basic design can be seen back four years ago to the D4. D3100 is added with extra button to the left of the screen, a drive mode switch at the base of the mode dial, a sprung lever to engage live view, and a direct record movie button. Nikon has made revisions on the feature-teaching, hand-holding Guide Mode, and additional autofocus mode. All features are designed so users can get better focusing in live view and autofocus during video shooting.

Nikon D3100 has rather small size for DSLR camera. It is equipped with chunky right-hand grip making it better suited to hand-held shooting. However, if your hands are larger than average size, you still need to find a place to put your little finger under the camera. The body is designed with plastic material. You might find it does not feel as robust as other higher models but it still has high degree of quality which you will not expect in this price level. It is because the camera is supported with classy rubber coating on the grip. The body has new design which is 30 grams lighter than its predecessor. If you are interested in Nikon D3100, you might want to read Nikon D3100 review which includes statement from the customers who have been using the camera to know their experience in using the camera
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