Monday, March 24, 2014

Nikon D3100 Manual: Useful Tips For Your Nikon D3100

Nikon D3100 is included to one of the best entry level DSLR. The camera is well accepted by many photography enthusiasts. Nikon has proven to camera users that they do not need to strain their body to enjoy DSLR photography. The camera is designed with power and performance in mind. You will be able to enjoy various features to bring your photography to the next level. It is necessary for you to read Nikon D3100 manual before using the camera.

Reading Nikon D3100 manual allows you to get proper information and knowledge in using the camera. These are simple tips which might be useful beside your Nikon D3100 manual. The first tip to remember is to find the shortcuts. The guide menu in D3100 is a good introduction to the camera’s abilities. However, it is only introduction. These shortcuts allow you to have quicker way to get the settings needed. When you shoot in close-up mode, you can find the built-in flash activates automatically but it is useless at really close range. A quick way to shoot close-ups without flash is by using Sports mode.

 Nikon D3100 offers the ability to record full HD (1,920 x 1,280 pixels) video. However, it can fill up most memory cards quickly. However, the intermediate which is 1,280x720 pixels setting is good enough to be played in iPad. A useful tip in Nikon D3100 manual is using Reset Shooting Options in the Shooting menu. This tip will be useful for people who got lost when they are exploring the camera. The function resets the camera to its factory state. For your information, Nikon D3100 does not have automatic exposure bracketing function. However, you can still vary exposures quickly by holding down the exposure compensation button and rotating the command dial.

Some users are asking whether they still can use studio flash with it when Nikon D3100 is not available with PC socket or not. Most studio flash units accept a slave unit. It can be triggered by built-in flash in Nikon D3100. You need to use the manual mode before setting the shutter speed of about 1/60 second and the aperture using a flash meter. In the shooting menu, you can set the flash to manual. You should remember to turn down the power to stop the built-in flash interfering with the light from the studio flash units. When you are planning to shoot at Hi 1 or Hi 2 sensitivity settings on your camera, the image noise is clearly noticeable. It is especially when the images are magnified in prints or on screen. You need to follow Nikon D3100 manual to get more information about it.

If you are beginner in digital photography, reading the manual can be a good start. Nikon D3100 manual provides the information on the camera function. You can learn basic setting of the camera and the function of each button in the camera. The manual offers information on the camera so you can operate it properly. Beginners will be surprised to know what they can learn from the manual.
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