Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nikon D3100 VS D5100: Which Nikon Type Are You?

Nikon is one of the most popular brands for digital camera. There are many types of Nikon digital camera which you can choose according to your need and preference. Some popular models from Nikon are including Nikon D3100 and Nikon D5100. You might be wondering which model is more suitable for your need. This article offers information on Nikon D3100 VS D5100.

Before moving to the comparison on Nikon D3100 VS D5100, it is better for you to know the attractive points of each camera. There are some reasons which make people are interested in Nikon D3100. The camera offers the ability to record on full HD 1080p @24 fps. It comes with auto focuses shooting video which features contrast detection. The camera is equipped with movies continuous focus making it easy to get in-focus movies. Nikon has designed this model with smaller size which is 124x96x73 mm.

Nikon D5100 comes with low noise at high ISO. The ISO in Nikon D5100 is 1,183 ISO. You can also record on full HD 1080p@30 fps. The camera allows you to enjoy great image quality 80.0 and great color depth 23.5 bits. Each camera is available with many advantages. You might want to learn the advantages of Nikon D5100. The camera comes with much higher resolution screen. It is approximately 4X higher resolution screen. You can get significant better image quality. It is approximately 20% better image quality. You are able to get more dynamic range which is 1.7 f-stops more dynamic range. Nikon D5100 features lower noise at high ISO. The camera is designed with a slight edge in low noise and high ISO performance. It is necessary for you to learn each advantage before comparing Nikon D3100 VS D5100.

Nikon D5100 comes with in-camera HDR. It combines multiple exposures to capture high dynamic range. You can also enjoy external mic jack which is working to record high quality audio with external microphone. The screen is designed with flip-out screen which will be helpful when you need to compose tricky shots or taking movies. The images you captured are available in higher true resolution. The camera works to capture more than 10% more detail in your photos. You also get better boost ISO. There are still many advantages which you can get from Nikon D5100. Those are including longer battery life, better boost ISO, better maximum light sensitivity, and much more. After learning the advantages of Nikon D5100, you can move to learn the advantages of Nikon D3100 to know which one is the best from Nikon D3100 VS D5100.

The advantage of Nikon D3100 is smaller and thinner size. It is approximately 10% smaller and thinner. The camera comes with slightly less startup delay which is 20% less delay when you turn it on. Not only smaller, but it is also lighter. The weight of the camera is 505 g. It is around 10% lighter. The price is also cheaper. It is more suitable for beginner or professional who needs more portable camera. Nikon D3100 VS D5100? You should find the camera which meets your need
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