Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nikon D3100 Vs Canon T3? Which One Is The Winner?

There are several brands of digital camera available in the market. However, the competition between Canon and Nikon still becomes hot debate among many photography enthusiasts. One of the hottest debates is Nikon D3100 VS Canon T3. The winner of this competition can vary depending on each user’s needs and preferences. This article offers brief information on the topic.

Let us start the review on Nikon D3100 VS Canon T3 with the reasons why you should buy each model. There are some good reasons why Nikon D3100 can be good option for you. This model offers full HD 1080p @24 fps and 24p movies for the film look. The camera also offers live view so users can preview their photos. Another feature which is available in this model is movie continuous focus. This feature makes it easy for you to get in-focus movies. It is also necessary for you to know good reason to buy Canon Rebel T3. The first reason is because the camera has live view which allows users to preview their photos. Canon Rebel T3 also features CMOS sensor making the camera working much better in low light. The company has designed the camera with great battery life. Users are able to capture 700 shots in a single charge. Another feature available in Canon T3 is built-in focus motor. The autofocuses come with more lenses.

When you are thinking on Nikon D3100 VS Canon T3, the winner depends on each user’s needs. Canon T3 has longer battery life allowing you to capture more shots. It is approximately 30% more shots per battery charge. The camera is also equipped with built-in focus motor. Users can enjoy slightly larger viewfinder. It is around 10% larger viewfinder. If it is compared to other models, Canon T3 comes with better maximum light sensitivity. Its maximum light sensitivity is 1 f- stop better. The model has slightly less startup delay around 30% less delay when you are turning it on. It might be even better for you since it has lighter body. It is 459 gram around 10% lighter compared to other models. All those features come with more affordable price.

Different to Canon T3, Nikon D3100 also has its own advantages. The main benefit from the camera is higher resolution movies. You are able to shoot higher resolution Full HD (1080p) video but at a lower frame rate. The camera is available with much larger screen. The size of the screen is 3.0 inches which is more than 10% larger screen. Nikon D3100 comes with lower noise at high ISO. It is designed with a slight edge or 0.3 f-stops in low noise and high ISO performance. The camera has the ability to support 24p allowing users to get real film feel. D3100 produces better color depth. The camera can distinguish 0.6 more bits of color. If you are wondering on Nikon D3100 VS Canon T3, you should know first each advantage of the camera.

For people who need the camera for longer run, Canon T3 might be better option since it has longer battery life. However, if you are looking for camera to produce better quality image, you might want to go with Nikon D3100. Nikon D3100 VS Canon T3? Consider what you need the most
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